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This fun article is brought to you by Tien Bao Memorial Garden, a privatedly owned Chinese columbarium at the heart of Ipoh. If you are looking for a fully air-conditioned columbarium, here is your most convenient one in IPOH.

A trip down memory lane to relive the good old days where games meant more than just downloaded apps… There were no internet, no Ipad, no smartphones or handheld games. Games are much more simpler making do with whatever ‘materials’ we have at hand and fun shared with the company of friends and siblings. Here are top 10 games that we remember or have played before during our childhood…. How many of these games have you played??


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A cemented floor and a piece of chalk or sandy ground and a stick will do for this game. Throw a stone or any small object into a numbered box. Hop or jump your way through the boxes to get to it. Doesn’t sound like a barrel of laughs, but it has been very entertaining for us kids…..



9. Batu Seremban (5 Stones) ![endif]--

This is more of a girls’ game but there are also some boys who play this game very well. Originally, 5 stones or 7 stones were used but now small bean bags are also used. To throw up one ‘stone’ whilst scooping up as many as you can of the remaining stones is not as easy as it seems…Agility and speed attribute greatly to this game…


8. 20 Sen “Country Flag” Eraser/Rubber Game

Erasers or ‘rubbers’ as we Malaysians call them…apart from using them to correct mistakes in schoolwork, students also use them to practice their ‘flipping’ or ‘tossing’ skills - especially those with flags. Just flip your eraser aiming to land on your opponent’s eraser. Friendships are built and bonded by exchanging erasers resulting in building a collection of erasers (which are pretty much useless later on and left our parents wondering what they are going to do with them).


7. Marbles or Guli

A favorite game played during recess time (especially boys’ schools)….These colorful marbles now play an important part in our fish tanks or flower pots for beautification purposes!!!


6. Bottle Caps Game

Another typical boys’ game involving multiple players which promises hours of fun and laughter... a game similar to erasers/rubbers game whereby you try to get the bottle caps to hit each other..


5. Paper, Scissors, Stone / “One, Two, Jus!”

Paper, scissors, stone also known as ‘One, Two, Jus’. This is one of the games still played today – quick, snappy, entertaining….even children as young as 3 years old can play with a bit of guidance.


4. Eagle catching chicken game

Do not let the eagle catch your chickens!!! Squeals of laughter and screams of fear of being caught fill the air during this game.


3. Lompat Getah

Gather a whole bunch of rubber bands (especially the colourful ones), tie or weave them together to form a long rope and voila! You are ready for a game of “Lompat Getah’ or “Zero Point”. Jump over rope without touching it. Height is gradually increased with each successful attempt. Great practice for high jumpers. Can also be used as a skipping rope.


2. Snap, Old Maid, Happy Family, Donkey

Ting! Ting! Ting! Here comes the neighbourhood roti man going on his rounds on a motorbike laden with bread, snacks, tidbits and of course the “Snap”, “Old Maid”, “Happy Families”, or “Donkey” card games (the reason why kids at that time would keep a lookout for). Tons of fun and laughter with a tantrum or two thrown in especially when the younger ones keep getting the unwanted “Snap”, “Old Maid” or “Donkey” card.


1. Perangkap (Conquer)

Its normal that we squeeze out all those creativity just to have fun when we are bored... especially when we are in our classroom listening to our teacher explaining maths and algorithm. Well each of us got our pens and a 'buku latihan' in between us, what do we do? We play Conquer. How it works is that 2 players would take turns drawing symbols to “conquer” the other player’s units.

This fun article is brought to you by Tien Bao Memorial Garden, a privatedly owned Chinese columbarium at the heart of Ipoh. If you are looking for a fully air-conditioned columbarium, here is your most convenient one in IPOH.


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